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September 9, 2008

Latest events

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Last weekend my Mom and Bob came to town to see us for a few days. They flew down on Friday morning to start a week or so long adventure. They left our house Monday morning and were heading to Disneyland and possibly Catalina, then to a B&B up the coast, to Bob’s sisters, and then back home again. While they were visiting with us we were treated to some good food, and we also got the opportunity to have them watch Hayden a couple of times so Nickey and I could go out and do a few things.

One of the things we were able to do while they were watching Hayden was to go out for a date night. It didn’t end up how we had planned – dinner at the Stinking Rose (garlic) restaurant – but we still had a great time. The plans were changed because we went out to Irwindale to buy a scooter for Nickey which ended up taking a lot longer than we expected it would. She looks really cute on the scooter. We then had dinner at the Claim Jumper, which we hadn’t been to since probably back when we lived in Seattle. I’ll get my hands on a picture of the scooter and put it up here, hopefully a picture of her riding it to show how good she looks on it.

Hayden successfully completed the first week of first grade without too much of a problem. It’s hard to know for sure how he is going to accept a change in his schedule but he has adapted quite quickly. If I remember correctly, last year it took him a few weeks to get into the swing of things before he got used to the routine. I’ve been walking with Nickey and Hayden to school in the morning to see him off. He’s so cute – he’s so little and he hasn’t grown into his clothes yet which makes him look even littler! Hopefully he’ll be able to stay focused and do well on his schoolwork, I know that was a tough one for me at that age.

I passed my motorcycle class last weekend which means I’ll be getting a certificate in the mail that I can take to the DMV and get my motorcycle endorsement. Whew! I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make it since the riding classes were soooo early in the morning, but I was able to get up for them okay and wasn’t even late. I was fortunate that I had been riding my motorcycle before the class so it made the lessons easier than it was for those who hadn’t been riding yet. I’m just glad it’s over with. I’m still nervous to go on the freeway, but at least I now have the option. I really want to take the advanced class but I will have to see when and where it is.

There’s probably more stuff to blog about, but I’m at work so I should probably make it look like I am actually working 🙂

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