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August 28, 2008

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Nickey and Hayden just got back Tuesday night from their week long excursion to Washington and then to San Diego. They left Seattle *early* on Sunday morning, flew to L.A., were home for about an hour, and then drove to San Diego. That’s a pretty busy week for a 5 year old and his mom! I was hoping to see them when they came home for that hour on Sunday, but I had to be at a class instead. I did end up driving down to San Diego though because Nickey forgot something at home that she needed, so at least I didn’t have to wait the whole seven days to see them. As much fun as it might have been to have a whole week to myself, it’s just not the same coming home to an empty house. The only thing I liked about it was having the ability to watch whatever I wanted to on t.v.

I started my motorcycle training class last Sunday, which I have two more classes left to go. I’ve been riding the bike to work almost every day now and I’m getting pretty comfortable. I really love riding it and have put about 250 miles on it so far. It still blows my mind that it’s legal for me to get on a 630 pound motorcycle with zero prior motorcycle experience and take it out on the streets.

The family is doing well, popby.com is doing well, I like my new job a lot, and the weather is starting to cool down a bit. Life is good.

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