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July 21, 2008

It was a good family weekend

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The weekend, as usual, was too short but we had a pretty good time. The weather was perfect all weekend – nice and sunny but not too hot. It’s been so hot over the last few weeks that it’s been difficult to get out and do anything. It was so nice this weekend that we didn’t even get in the pool, and that’s really unusual. Hayden has been pretty engrossed in video games lately so he’s starting to turn into a sloth – and doesn’t even want to change out of his underwear all day. It’s like he’s already a teenager! But usually he will put on his swimming suit an go swimming at least once on the weekends. It’s funny to watch him play video games, he looks soo intent and he has his little mouth open in sheer concentration. I took some videos of him yesterday that I’ll have to format and put up on chrisandnickey.com. One of them is hilarious.
On Saturday we took a drive to downtown L.A. so I could show Nickey and Hayden where I’ll be working next week. From there we drove down Sunset Blvd to the ocean and on to PCH (Pacific Hwy). We didn’t really have an specific destination in mind, we were just out for a drive at that point. We used to go for drives all the time when Nickey and I first met, but once we bought a house it seemed we never had the time anymore. And now with the gas prices so high, it’s becoming even more of a rarity. Our mini road trip found us all the way down in Oxnard which is where we caught the 101 back towards home.
On Sunday we went to a train museum called Travel Town in Griffith Park. They had a bunch of really old trains there that we could climb into and read all about. Hayden was like a kid in a candy store, running from train to train asking, “Can we get on this one?”. They have picnic tables there, and bar-b-ques so we might have to go back again and have a picnic one of these days.
Next weekend, Nickey and I are off to VEGAS!!

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