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August 3, 2008

Back from Vegas to start the new job

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We made the drive out to Vegas for the Turning Point retreat without incident this time – last year we blew out a tire in the Mojave and I had to change it in almost 110 degree heat. Hayden’s grandma and grandpa came to town to take care of him while we were gone, it was good to have a trip with just Nickey and myself for a change. Since moving to Los Angeles it has been unbelievably hard to find reliable baby sitters for some reason, so we don’t make it out very often by ourselves. We had a great time in Vegas, and only managed to lose $43 all together. We went through a bunch of casino’s, walked the strip, had some great food, and had to go to the Harley Cafe since I had just bought my motorcycle. The food there was better than I expected – I thought it would be more like Hooters but it turned out to be pretty good. We were going to see a show on Tuesday evening but we decided to head home early.

I started my new job on Thursday and after two days of being there I know I made the right decision to take this job. I had almost forgotten what it was like to work at a sane company. It’s not that my last job was so bad, it’s just that the company was so dysfunctional. Most people came to work every day knowing that it could always be their last day there for whatever reason. I’m glad to not have that kind of stress anymore.

Well, I’m off to do a little practice on the motorcycle. I’m still at the point that it’s a bit scary to take it out on the road but the more I do it the better, and more comfortable, I’ll get so it must be done. Once I get the initial starting from a stop down, then I’ll be a lot more comfortable.

July 15, 2008

Okay Mom, this one’s for you

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Seeing how my mom called me out on my last post with her comment, I guess I have no choice but to dedicate this one to her for keeping me on track. Thanks Mom 🙂

So lets see… 4th of July weekend was pretty fun. Nickey had a friend of hers come over for a BBQ and she got a little entertainment from the master himself, Hayden. Then the next day we went to a neighbors house for another BBQ with a bunch of his friends.  That was a somewhat interesting experience since there as a Mac guy there, a Windows guy, and me – a linux guy. It was surprisingly less eventful that one might think, but we still had little shots here and there.

Hayden just started playing t-ball about a week ago and it sounds like he really likes it. Unfortunately it’s while I’m at work so I don’t really get to see him play, but I got him a glove, bat, baseball, and a bunch of wiffle balls to help him practice. Hopefully I’ll be able to see him play before then end of the season. I’ll have to take a day off from work or something I guess.

Speaking of work, I just today accepted an offer from Monster Trak to go to work for them. I’ll be going from being the only systems administrator where I’m at now to being the only systems adminstrator there, but at least I won’t have to be the primary on-call person. Apparently that’s handled by Monster (i.e. monster.com). The commute will be a little longer but hopefully it will be a better company to work for. Where I’m at now it feels like every day could be my last due to the fledgling sales and the explosive anger of the owners. It will be good to get out of that situation.

Other than that, we’ve been swimming a lot due to the heat and Hayden has turned into a potatoe and doesn’t want to go anywhere anymore. He’d rather stay in his pajamas all day long than get dressed and get out to do something. So much different than last year where he’d get cranky if we didn’t go do something by noon on the weekends. It’s like he turned into a teenager in the last year! He’s turning into quite a kid though and has a great imagination. All you have to do is sit with him for 10 minutes and you’ll be deeply engrossed in a surreal tale of great adventures and sea creatures and bugs.  Or maybe it will be some super hero on another planet fighting aliens. Who knows. Every story is unique and very elaborate. I’m happy to note that he’s definitely aquired my sense of humor, and he thinks I’m pretty funny. Between the two of us we drive Nickey nuts sometimes. Hehe.

Until later this week, enjoy.

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