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March 30, 2006

some news, some toys, some taxes, some chores

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Nickey now has her own domain – nickeycollier.com – which goes to her new Windermere profile! She just got inaugurated into the Windermere familly two days ago and she’s already gone gung-ho on her profile (did it all herself, mind you – no help from me or the Windermere web people). She might already have a few leads on listings. Go-baby-go!

Hayden has already gone two days to his new daycare and he seems to be taking to it very well. He seems to want to go and hasn’t put up a fuss yet when we drop him off. We ask him what he did that day and he has only replied “I eat”. Hmmm, well I guess that’s good.

We found out the hard way that you need to live in a house for at least 2 years before selling it or you have to pay taxes on the proceeds from the sale. We were 15 days shy of the required 730 days which caused our return to go from getting a lot back to owing a lot. We went to a tax preparation place and they worked some kind of magic so we ended up getting some money back though – don’t know how they did it but it works for me.

I recently got a new phone. The phone I got was a bit out of character for what I usually look for in a cell. It’s an HP IPAQ 6315 (pda) with a built in cell phone an camera. It also has built in wifi which is nice when I go to Starbucks so I can hop on the HotSpot access. It also is nice because I can surf the web from anywhere with a cell signal because of gprs. I like having that feature so I can check the traffic web. My last phone had gprs too but it didn’t have a web browser and the screen was about a quarter the size of this one. I don’t like that it’s running Windows Mobile OS on it because I’m used to everything being free with Linux – now I have to pay $9.99 to download a stupid game?! What the hell.

I just got a new laptop today – it’s a Compaq v5015. It has a 15.4″ screen, 1 gig of ram, dvd double layer burner, etc… I can’t wait to get home to set it up ;)!

We’ve got our work cut out for us this weekend. We’re having a 4 yard dumpster delivered to our house so we can clean up yard waste and junk that’s been sitting around. We did the same thing last year when we moved in and it made a big difference but we still have a lot of junk to get rid of. It will be a labor intensive weekend but hopefully it will be well worth it in the end. Anyone know of a good way to get rid of ivy??? I’ve been slowly working on it a 10′ patch at a time but it’s going SLOWWWW.

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