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November 1, 2005


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Just gotta post about our little man’s third Halloween. True to the NW, it was pouring down rain of course but that didn’t stop us. He went as “The Hulk” and we had him all bundled up in about 5 layers of clothes under his costume so he’d at least stay warm if he didn’t stay dry. His costume is made out of a spandex type material and had the ripped up pants, and the upper part was all stuffed with batting for some pretty impressive muscles. Since he was so bundled up he really looked tough!

He still has a little ways to go before he gets the full understanding of what he’s supposed to do on Halloween. We would go up to a house, ring the doorbell and Hayden would keep saying “frick-freet” until they opened the door – then he’d go silent. LOL. I think he thought he had to say that to get them to open the door. We didn’t hit too many houses though since it was raining so bad but he had a fun time. He took the trick-or-treat bag that his grandma sent to him for his birthday. It is a big spider with a handle and stiff legs so it can stand up all on its own. It’s pretty cool.

We took Loki with us but since he’s a puppy still, and doesn’t quite have all his manners yet, he was a little bit much to handle. He would get so distraught at not being able to go up to the houses with Hayden to check out the situation that it sometimes was difficult to get him to sit for even a few seconds. It was funny to see the different reactions to him too – some people would say “ooo – dog” and make a wide arc to avoid him and some people would come right up to him and ask if they could pet him. Dunno if it’s because of the breed he is or not but it’s good that some kids are cautious of unknown dogs…even though he’s a big sweetheart.

I already can’t wait for spring. As I’ve said many times before on my blog in the past – I hate fall/winter. We had our first fire in the fireplace last night, which was kinda cool but the weather really sucked. I prefer blue skies and sunshine if I can get it.

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