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September 28, 2005

Lot’s-o-catching up to do

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I’ve gotten quite behind, let me do a brief overview:

Hayden is about 80% potty trained – most of this has happened in the last two weeks. That is so dang cool!! Go Hayden go! Now he just has to get “#2” down and he’ll be good to go.

Finally replaced a retaining wall that I’d been meaning to get to for a few months now. We replaced old rotten 4×4’s with medium sized cement (with decrative touches) retaining wall blocks. Looks pretty good for my first time. I’ll have to add pictures when I get them off the camera.

Nickey’s mom is visiting from New Zealand. She got here on 9/12 and will be leaving on 10/10. She’s worked a few days with Nickey, painted Hayden’s playroom with a farm theme which looks really good, and has been spoiling Hayden rotten – as is to be expected. She invited her friend Bill over for dinner tonight, who is spending the night since it’s a lot closer to work for him from here than it is from his home…

Last weekend Nickey, Hayden and I went to the boat to do some work since we needed to drop off Nickey’s mom at her friend Bill’s for a few hours. We worked on the engine, did some electrical stuff and did a little exterior beautification. Got a lot done in a short amount of time, but not everything I wanted to.

Hayden’s 3rd birthday is next Tuesday but we’re having a pretty good sized party on Saturday. There’s going to be a lot of people and food and even a bouncy-thing in the front yard. C’mon over if you can find the place ;).

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