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April 29, 2005

Old posts can be very entertaining

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LMAO. I was informed yesterday that my archive links weren’t working properly and after a little bit of investigation today I figured out what the problem was. This invariably caused me to read a few of the old posts as I was testing the links and I found it funny to read some of them. I think of all the posts I read, the ones from right before I met Nickey are the funniest. It seems like I was so random and overly opinionated – and bored as hell. I was pissed off that I was listening to country, babling about how I didn’t understand women, pissed at the conspiracy of delivery services against me, and talked a lot about crap I’d bought. Now there’s some entertainment for ya. Now I’m starting to make the transition back to metal and I’ve curbed my spending habits considerably – unless you consider buying a house to be under that umbrella. The first paragraph of the “Happy at last” post from November is my favorite one. The second paragraph is no longer true since I’ve found the one woman that could possibly ever get me to marry, and she’s still my Ms Wow.

BTW – thanks Heather for the help with selling the boat by mentioning it in your blog! How funny. I’ll give you a sellers fee if you find the person who buys it ;).

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