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April 28, 2005

Ah Thursday

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It’s my week of torture – I’m primary oncall for another 6 days. Bah.

Nickey and I took the outdrive for the boat to a local boat shop called Rick’s Master Marine. The guy that’s working on my outdrive is super nice and seems to know what he’s doing so I’m glad I took it there. Sometimes these places have these old rough edged guys that make you feel stupid when you bring this stuff in after trying to do the work yourself, nothing like that with this guy named Mony that I’m working with. I took the outdrive off the boat last summer with the intent of rebuilding it myself but hit a snag with the drive shaft cage. I couldn’t get the damn thing off no matter what I tried – two different pullers and a blow torch didn’t make it budge. Mony called me today to let me know that they had an unusually hard time getting that piece off too so it wasn’t just me. Apparently they can’t get the drive shaft to come out now so they have to use a slide hammer to pull it. Sheesh. They’re doing all this just to be able to give me an estimate on how much it’s going to cost! I’ll hopefully hear what the damage will be tomorrow.

I bought this kick ass HP 8450 printer yesterday for Nickey that’s not only a regular printer but it’s a photo printer as well. The thing that sold me on it is that it has a network jack on it so it’s not dependant on a computer and also that way any computer on our home network can print to it without having to do any funky configs or open up any firewall holes. It really has some cool features, including bluetooth so you can print from a bluetooth enabled cell phone, pda, or laptop. Sweet.

Hayden has been especially fun these days. Maybe it’s just that I’m more settled into this parent thing or maybe it’s just that we’re more comfortable with each other. Who knows, who cares – all I know is I really love that little guy. Our little man. Besides, he’s fun to teach funny things too. I taught him the “booty shake” – clothing optional 😉 He does prefer to do it naked though! He grabs his hips and shakes his butt side to side. It’s even funnier when Nickey sings a rap song for him to shake to. Sir Mix-a-lot’s I Like Big Butts seems to get him going the most. LOL.

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