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April 20, 2005

Yes, more home stuff

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Talked to the home loan guy yesterday and got a good faith estimate…??? I thought that’s what I got before I put an offer on the place? I’m a bit confused. Anyway, it appears that we won’t have any problem qualifying for the loan so I guess we’re good to go. That was pretty much the last hurdle that might have blocked us.

There were a few things from the inspection that we wanted the seller to take care of – the house is 18 years old so of course there’s going to be stuff – but since they are out of state and can’t take care of it they are giving us a $5000 kick-back after closing to cover the costs to have it done ourselves. I guess the sellers realitor said to our realitor, “How are they (the seller) supposed to take care of this stuff? They are out of state!”. Uh…not my problem? Hire someone maybe? I don’t care though, I’d rather do it myself anyway so I know it’s done right. Going by the paint job the seller did prior to selling it I don’t think I want them “fixing” anything. Only one coat was sprayed on and they missed a few big spots under some of the eaves.

Nickey is interviewing with another potential client today who has a 13,000 sq ft house! What the hell would someone do with that much space? I let her take the Yuke so she could roll up in a pimpin’ ride 🙂

I sure am glad she found me, although she took her sweet time doing it! That’s okay ‘cuz she was certainly worth the wait.

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  1. LOL Isn’t house hunting fun?

    I feel some of your pain since Danielle and I went through that bit of stuff when we were finding a house here and selling her house in Kansas City.

    Congrats to you both on finding a house though!

    Comment by geesquared — April 20, 2005 @ 12:20 pm

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