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July 7, 2018

Fourth of July

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One of the goals of bringing the boat home was to take it out on the 4th to watch fireworks. We had done that with our previous boat several years earlier down in Tacoma and it was pretty fun. We set out at 8:30 and headed towards Seattle. I didn’t check the distance before we left so at 10pm we had only just made it past Kingston and decided to slow down and just putt along. This was fine since we were surrounded by fireworks 360 degrees. Oddly there were only about three other boats in total out to watch fireworks around us. We couldn’t see the fireworks in Seattle surprisingly, but Kingston had a pretty good display so we watched that for the most part. Around 11pm we were cold, Nickey was falling asleep, and Hayden was down in the cabin with the dogs so we decided to head home.

I tried to fix the spotlight earlier in the day, and I did for the most part (bulb was burned out, I put in a temporary solution) but the dinghy was reflecting a lot of the light so visibility was pretty poor. It was difficult to see so we backed off the throttle a bit. About an hour in to the trip we were hailed on the radio – I didnt hear what they said so I responded with “go ahead” – but got crickets back. We’ll never know what they said or wanted….

We made it back to the dock at 12:30am, cleaned up a bit and headed home exhausted but happy.

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