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June 23, 2018

Boat trip – day 20

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It took 15 days to get through California and only 3 days to get through Oregon. We have arrived in Westport Wa.

We left at 6:10 directly into rush hour. We got out of the channel into a lot of choppy water that I was hoping was from all the boats, but eventually figured out it was from the 10 knot head wind. We played crab pot roulette, made it out a few miles, then turned north. This was an unusual trip for us since we don’t actually know where we are going to end up for the night. But as I always tell my wife, we’ll figure it out (she loves it when I do that).

At about 3 hours in I realized we were somehow 15 miles out so I headed in towards shore. We got to about 6 miles away from shore and things got a bit smoother. Surprisingly no whale sightings yet, the area between Depot Bay and Lincoln City is known for that.

About 6 hours in things turned almost smooth again and we were nearing Oceanside. We passed our new friends on the Gus Stuga under sail about an hour before then. They hailed us on the radio and we had a brief chat. They are good people and I hope to see them again someday.

Since we hadn’t decided where exactly we were going, I’d been reading up on how/when to enter the Columbia River bar, which sounds scary but can be not too bad if entered at the right time (so I’ve read). We passed Tillamook Bay with a little trepidation because it meant we were committing to either Ilwaco or Westport – both of which were scary thoughts. We decided on Westport because of the tides. We would have to wait 5 hours for slack tide to enter the Columbia River, or go the 5 hours to Westport. Sorry Dave, but we won’t be visiting you tonight.

Around the mouth of the Columbia it got very warm, probably because we have an enclosed flybridge and the sun was out. This western Washington boy doesn’t do heat very well, but I’ll take it as long as the weather holds. At 12 hours in the depth sounder kept going offline and beeping. An hour later it finally stopped, but 20 minutes later it started again…. It was about that time that it started getting colder. That could just be from the lack of sleep and food (except for water and a snickerdoodle), but who knows. I didnt want to eat because I was already having a hard time keeping my eyes open.

We made it to the channel market at 8pm but the channel is very long, so it took us another 45 minutes to get to the dock. I registered for the moorage online and had a chit-chat back and forth with the marina via email. I told them twice that I was going to be arriving between 9 and 10pm. When I asked about the key for the bathroom and showers I was told to stop by the office and pick it up. I got to the office and it was closed so I called the number on the door and left a voicemail. I didn’t expect a call back but thought it was worth a try. Not too happy about that.

We may have met our next adventure buddies, they helped us dock tonight, are going to the same marina tomorrow, and have been very friendly. I’m not a particularly social guy, but even I enjoy this newfound community feeling amongst boaters.

I cant believe we didnt see a single whale today. We’re off to Neah Bay tomorrow, maybe we’ll see some killer whales. I just hope I get more sleep tonight – 4.5 hours of sleep and a 15 hour trip is a bit exhausting.

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