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June 22, 2018

Boat trip – day 19

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This morning we “slept in” and left the dock at 8am. We were told the night before that the fuel dock opened at 8am, but when I looked out the window at 7:30 they were already open. Fwiw, the dock is open from 7:30 to 2:30 the fuel guy told us. He was a super nice and social person, and the fuel was the cheapest of the trip so far at $3.27 a gallon (apparently the locals complain that it’stoo expensive). We left the fuel dock at 8:30 which was way later than we wanted to since it’s an 8 hour haul to Newport and the weather starts to turn around 2pm. Seas were calm and there was no fog (finally) when we left – a good start to another leg of the trip.

There was a bit of a head wind all day at around 5-7 knots which caused some small ripples across the top of the water but nothing impactful. We cruised much of the day at about 12 knots and made good time. We are in dead head territory (floating logs) so I have to stay extra diligent. The sightings will start to increase the further north we go.

About 5 hours in the wind shifted little more from the west but still at about 5 knots. Anything 8 or above starts to be uncomfortable depending which direction it’s coming from. Head on is not too bad, from the rear is the worst and from the side is in between from my experience so far on this adventure.

We made it to Newport about an hour ahead of schedule. It was somewhat of a homecoming since I used to live just 20 miles north of here in Lincoln City. This harbor is literally the farthest south in Oregon I had ever been before this trip and it’s the first port since Santa Barbara that I am familiar with. I’ve been to San Francisco many times in my life but haven’t ever had anything to do with the marinas there, so that doesn’t count. Coming into the channel I felt like a battleship surrounded by a bunch of gnats as there were no less than 50 16-24′ boats that passed me on my way in all going at least 30 mph. The guest dock was right next to the fuel dock and it was like In-n-Out during peak dining time – there was a line of these boats hovering waiting to get fuel. Turns out that today was opening day for a 3 day halibut window, so the harbor is packed with all these small fishing boats. I finally found a gap in the fuel line, we got fueled up, got the last space available for the night on the guest dock and finished our dock side chores. We ate at the Rogue Brewery which was pretty decent.

Since Bodega Bay we have been docking every night in the same marinas as a sailboat (name is Gus Stuga). Since we keep ending up in the same place, we have gotten to know them a bit and tonight we joined them on their friends boat for a little wine and conversation. They have a lot of knowledge about our boat and engines and have given us a lot of advice. This social aspect of long distance boating is something I’ve read about while doing research for this trip, but now I’ve experienced it myself and it has been really cool to participate in that part of boating culture. Unfortunately tonight is the last we will probably see them, even though they are still heading in the same direction we are (Alaska). They are going to Girabaldi tomorrow (60ish miles) and we are shooting for either Ilwaco (we have friends there, it’sabout 115 miles) or Westport (145 miles) if the weather cooperates. We hope to leave by 6am. Early mornings are the part of this kind of boating I don’t particularly care for….

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