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June 20, 2018

Boat trip – day 18

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We left right at 7am and had to negotiate the narrow channel and the large fishing boats. Headed out to the bay into thick fog again that was leaving moisture on the isinglass which made it hard to watch for crab pots. The water was beautiful again though – zero wind and smooth swells.

About 2.5 hours in we came across a crab pot out in 450′ of water outside the mouth of the Rogue River, which was very unexpected, then another around 330′, which is less unexpected, so we cut out towards deeper water. Going around crab pots really isn’t a big deal, as long as you see them in time. I get nervous when I don’t see them until we are passing them by 10 to 20 feet on either side. It actually happens more than I’d like. That’s what happened when we passed the one at 450′.

Had another brief encounter with a whale about 3.5 hours in. It was the same kind as before but about twice as big. Most of the time we just see random birds, everything from large flocks to lone birds no matter how far out we are. We had a few more sightings of whales, but they were all brief.

Our music selection has started to vary. Most of the trip has been country, the last two trips have been mostly rock, and today it’s been 90’s hip-hop. I’m trying to convince Bobb that we need to listen to yacht rock (70’s easy listening – Christopjer Cross, Hall and Oats, Michael McDonald kinda stuff) but so far he’s not going for it.

The bow flag didn’t move at all today, although I think there was a breeze from the south because the water wasn’t as smooth as yesterday and there were tiny whitecaps going in the same direction that we were. The ride was as smooth as yesterday so it had no impact on us. It did get a little rougher outside Bandon with a 9 kt wind from the SW, but after what we’ve been through it was still in the “semi-pleasant ride” category. The autopilot did a better job at keeping up with the waves, but more adjustments are needed to make it better.

About an hour before we got to Coos Bay the depth sounder kept losing connection and the alarm would go off about every 20 seconds. There was nothing we could do but listen to the shrill beeping. It finally stopped when we hit 285 feet of water. I have no idea why it randomly does that yet. Pulling in to Coos Bay Harbor I got a little lost but finally found the Charlston Marina and got checked in. Unfortunately the fuel dock closes at 2pm (what?!?) so we’ll be tied up and ready to pump at 8am when they open again. We have about an 8 hour run tomorrow up to Newport, but it starts to get unpleasant around 6 hours in. Should be fun – thanks fuel dock guy.

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