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June 19, 2018

Boat trip – day 17

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We left the slip at 8am and headed for the fuel dock since we got in after it closed last night. We left the fuel dock at 8:30 and were out of the harbor by 9am. I called the Brookings harbor to make sure I knew what to expect when we got there, now we were ready for the day. Today is going to be the first time we’ll be heading consistently due north the entire trip.

Nothing to see today but thick fog, probably about 100-200 feet of visibility at times, and as few as 50-75 at the worst of it (right after Crescent City), but the water was smooth so I’m not complaining at all. At about 4 hours in we came across probably 50 fishing trawlers in our path and had to go wide around them. Luckily the fog wasn’t bad at that point otherwise we wouldn’t have seen them until it was too late. None of them showed up on the radar or had AIS. I saw some small whales about 10 miles before Crescent City. Not sure what kind they were but they were black with small dorsal fins and about twice as big as a dolphin.

We made it to Brookings at 4:30, right about the same time as some of the commercial fishing boats. It’s a small marina and a very tight entrance so it was interesting to say the least. We eventually got to the guest dock and found that the fuel attendant was still there and so we were able to fill up. While Bobb was filling up the boat I went to register for the night. Finding the harbor office was a difficult adventure. When I got back to the boat I was greeted by two Coast Guard officers on the boat who were mid-inspection. Apparently they hailed me on VHF as “the white boat entering the harbor” to come in for an inspection. End result of the inspection – full pass, nothing found to be out of order. I was amazed. They seemed to be pretty surprised themselves.

No bathrooms or showers here, good thing the boat comes prepared for such an occasion. The guest dock seems to host more commercial boats than pleasure boats. I was really motivated to make it to Oregon otherwise I may have just stopped at Crescent City, which may or may not have been better. I guess I’ll never know.

The boat is starting to show the effects of the trip, it needs some serious love when we get it home. The canvas and isinglass need to be replaced, the wood redone, some gelcoat repairs, wash and wax, the engines thoroughly inspected and freshened up, and a serious deep cleaning inside. We have made some improvements along the way while trying to maximize the downtime due to weather. When we started out we were using the compass to keep us headed in the right direction, now the boat drives itself and I just need to watch out for obstacles.

This trip put us just slightly over half way at about 700nm out of 1350 total. Sure seems like we’ve gone a lot further with about 70 hours at the helm. Tomorrow will put us at 800. Looks like we have clear sailing until Saturday so we should be in Washington by then – finally.

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