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June 19, 2018

Boat trip – day 16

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We left the dock at 6:52am and were met with beautiful seas that were flat with a slight breeze from the SW. The fog has been persistent during the last few trips, this was no exception. With only a couple hundred feet of visibility it’s very disorienting. So glad for modern electronics. In all this fog I started to see ghost images, things in the distance that looked like other ships or some kind of mass, and then it would disappear into nothingness. Very strange. Other than that, this was the absolute best water of the trip.

Before we started out this morning I tweaked the autopilot and dropped the hard over settings (time to max turn) from 10 seconds to 7 and set the response level to Performance from Cruising. I didnt have the chance to test if this improved anything though since the swells and wind were not a problem today.

About an hour after max low tide (3 hours in to the trip) we slowed down by 2 knots again, but the seas were still very calm and pleasant, 30 minutes after that we had gained back about 1 knot. A tailwind kicked up a little around Cape Mendocino, maybe 5 knots, but it was nothing that really affected the drive and it pushed us to over 12 knots. It was a welcome addition but only lasted a few minutes. Most of the trip we were in the 11-12 knot range. The water was so good that I considered making the additional 7 hour trip to Crescent City, but after a few nights of getting only 5 hours sleep I decided against it. We pulled in to Humboldt Bay at about 3:45 and about an hour ahead of schedule. The marina was a long way down the channel and took us another 30 minutes to get to.

We will keep making good progress as long as this weather holds. Tomorrow is supposed to be about as good.

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