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June 14, 2018

Boat trip – day 12

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Today was almost perfect conditions for the trip. The swells were up, and the cross waves were making us sway a lot, but there was little to no wind. The only part that wasn’t optimal was all the crab pots we had to watch out for. Some crab pot markers are easier to see than others, but some are so covered in growth that they look black, we almost ran right over two of them. We made the 64 mile trip in 7 hours and the autopilot did 90% of the driving. We wanted to time it so we would be entering the channel at high tide to avoid any sandbar or reef issues, which we were successful at doing, but the channel is really well marked so it wasn’t as treacherous as some people have made it out to be.

It was really cool to enter San Francisco under the Golden Gate bridge. This is something I never thought I’d do. If it wasn’t for the weather issues north of SF we were just going to blow by and head to Bodega but now we get to spend two nights here, see my Mom, and be tourists for a bit. We are staying at Pier 39 – the people are great, the restrooms/showers are probably the best so far, but the docks are pretty rickety, there are sealions everywhere, and there is a lot of current. I highly recommend snubbers or two different sized dock lines to act as snubbers if you bring a boat to SF. Our boat is constantly moving all around the slip in a fast and jerky motion and the snubbers took some of the harsh edges off the motion.

Tomorrow we go to the fuel dock and the pumpout station, then lunch with Mom.

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