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June 13, 2018

Boat trip – day 11

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After checking Windy today we confirmed our plan to head to San Francisco tomorrow. We decided to head across the bay to Santa Cruz to save us an additional 21 miles tomorrow. After making a few calls we finally found a slip, fueled up (215 gallons!), and headed across.

It started out great – no wind, the swells were big but just rolling along nice and smooth. About 10 miles into it though the dreaded wind and larger swells started picking up and before we knew it things had gotten nasty again. As we learned yesterday, we picked our spot between the waves, which wasn’t easy since they were very close together, and turned towards shore. 10 minutes later things were much smoother and the wind had died down. it took us 3 hours to make the 21 mile run (we had to make two jogs back towards shore) but we made it and are now ready to make the 7 hour trip tomorrow.

We’ll be hanging out until Saturday (iirc) since the weather is supposed to turn to crap north of the bay at about 2-3 tomorrow afternoon and stay that way until Saturday. We may just head to Bodega Bay then, or if things are as smooth as they look like they will be, maybe For Bragg.

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