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June 12, 2018

Boat trip – day 10

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We left the dock just before 7am since the wind was supposed to start picking up at 2pm around Big Sur. I was really hoping that we could make better time than we did from SB to Morro since the weather was supposed to be better, but it still took us 13.5 hours. At least we made it to Monterey before dark.

Things went pretty well at the start although the swells were a bit bigger than expected, and there was this uncomfortable convergence of waves/swells coming from the north, northwest, and west which made things very choppy. At about 3.5 hours in a thick fog enveloped us and gave us about a quarter mile of visibility, the wind picked up, and there were wide whitecaps everywhere and 9 foot swells. This was very similar to what we experienced on the trip to Morro Bay. After getting kicked around for 2 hours we finally headed in closer to shore which got us out of the fog and into calmer seas, and we got an escort by some local porpoises. About an hour before Big Sur it started getting really rough again with the same chop as earlier. It took us three more hours to get in to Monterey Bay.

The best part of the day (other than finally making it to the dock) was the autopilot that we got fully functioning yesterday. It made the trip so much more manageable and dropped the stress level considerably. We also used the new stereo – Sirius is the way to go when out on the water.

Things I learned on this leg of the trip:

  • leave as early as possible in the morning
  • a properly functioning autopilot is worth it’s weight in gold
  • when crossing over swells, hit them at a 30-45 degree offset, it makes things so much smoother and not as much hull slamming
  • the wave that looks intimidating isn’t the problem, it’s the wave that follows it that messes you up
  • if the seas are rough, head towards the shore
  • have a bucket handy. If the water is rough you can’t leave the helm (even with autopilot), so how can you go pee?
  • I’ll just end on that note.

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