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June 11, 2018

Boat trip – day 9

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By this point of the trip we should have been to Brookings Oregon, or about 900 miles north. Unfortunately we’ve only gone 200 miles. We’re heading out in the morning though to Monterey, but then it looks like we’ll be stuck there until the weekend. Hrmph. Windy.com has been great for predicting the weather and when we can or can’t head out.

Today was productive. We ran a new 4 guage 12v power line up to the bridge to replace the 12 guage one I added before we left. The old one would drop voltage when under load for some reason, and after evaluating the options, we decided to just run a big ol’ replacement. Now all the new electronics run off the new line, we’ll see if it did the trick tomorrow. We also installed a new stereo with Sirius XM, so we will be jammin’ along the way. Only other thing we did was go out and have a great dinner at Dorns. Food was great, I would highly recommend.

Bobb has got his hands full with getting me up early tomorrow, but we’re going to try to leave as early as we can. It starts to get squirrelly up around Big Sur between 2-4:00. It’s 115nm so it should take about 12 hours again.

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