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June 11, 2018

Boat trip – day 8

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Yesterday was a pretty chill day for the most part. We finally figured out how to check the transmission oil and we tracked down the source of a small leak of red liquid – which was antifreeze. We dont know where its coming from yet but at least its not diesel fuel or transmission oil, and its not a lot. We also looked at the autopilot system to see how to set waypoints.

The Nemets graciously came to pick us up for dinner at their place, with a stop first at The Brown Butter Cookie Company. The cookies and the staff were amazing, and $75 later I left with a bag full of cookies and a t-shirt. Fwiw, thats quite a few cookies…. Todd made an amazing tri-tip and Dianna’s salad was yummy – we will have to start adding avacados and apples together in salads more in the future. We had fun chatting with Todd’s parents too, his dad was hilarious. Great diversion to all of the boat stuff we’ve been so focused on and very much appreciated. We tried to kidnap their dog, Monroe, but we weren’t stealthy enough.

When we got back to the boat we did some laundry and finished off the evening by watching Captain Ron. Good day all around.

Our daily weather check showed that Monday was still bad, and Tuesday is going to be exceptional for the next leg, it’s been a long streak of crappy and it’s about time we’ll have some decent boating weather. Unfortunately it looks crappy again from San Francisco north for another few days starting on Wednesday. We leave tommow a total of 7 days behind schedule. I may have picked an unfortunate time do do this trip.

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