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June 9, 2018

Boat trip – day 7

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We had to move the boat this morning so we untied and went to the fuel dock to fill up the tank. Put in just over 181 gallons (just over 15 gallons an hour @ 10.8 kts into the wind, waves, and current for 12 hours). After that we found a day dock to tie up to until we could move back to the yacht club dock, and headed out to find a hardware store. Along the way we stopped and had breakfast at The Coffee Pot Restaurant. After that we set out to find where we catch the trolley to get us to North Morro Bay. After walking the mile and a half, we finally found a stop about three blocks from the hardware store….. We got some stuff, were pointed to other stores to look for some of the other items, and eventually had walked all the way back to the boat. We were expecting to move the boat back to the yacht club, since the sailboat races were done, but the wind had picked up so much that we couldnt get the boat off the dock – we couldnt even push it two inches off. It even damaged more of the isinglass. With 34 knot winds and whitecaps in the harbor, we’re stuck waiting it out.

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