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June 8, 2018

Boat trip – day 6

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Had to do some canvas repairs after the voyage yesterday. It’s not pretty but it’s functional at least. Bobb washed down the boat, re-secured the tender, and washed all of the exterior carpets. We did the engine checks, topped off the oil (“diesels love their oil like sailors like their rum” Captain Ron quote), and tried to figure out how to check the transmission fluid level – but we have a few more days to get that figured out since it still looks like we won’t be leaving until Tuesday morning.

We have to move the boat off the dock by 9am because the yacht club needs it for their weekly sailing thing. We’ll fuel up and find a place to tie up until they are done. I suspect we’ll need about 130 gallons of diesel, at least it seems to get cheaper as we’ve gone north. We’ve put in 93 gallons to top off the tank in LA @ $4.87/gallon, then 97 gallons in Santa Barbara @ about $3.45/gallon. The trip from LA to SB used about 12.5 gallons an hour @ 10kts, which is what I would expect for dual diesels based on what I’ve read.

We did a little tourist shopping today – I got two cinnamon rolls and a hand carved statue of a marlin for the boat. Every boat needs some kind of sculpture or interest piece that is boat/ocean/water themed, I think I finally have enough….

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