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June 8, 2018

Boat trip – day 5

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We left Santa Barbara at 8:30am into perfect conditions – sunny, light breeze, mild swells (2′ @ 8 seconds). That was about to change…. As we got closer and closer to Point Conception the wind picked up with every mile, and the swells got considerably rougher – all the way to Morro Bay. There was at least twice that I thought we wouldn’t make it – and I don’t mean the current leg we were on, I thought we were going down. I always thought that Point Conception was the worst part of the trip for just about any boater. It did suck – 6′ swells and 24mph winds with 32mph gusts, but then we passed Arlight. The waves (8′ @ 8 seconds) and swell (5′ @ 8 seconds) was going SW, and the wind waves (2′ @ 14 seconds) were going NE. Picture a washing machine. This never let up the rest of the way to Morro Bay. We had constant heavy walls of spray from the bow hit the upper isinglass which made it hard to see, and then on top of that we had to keep a vigilant lookout for crab pots so we didn’t get the lines caught in the props, and I almost got thrown out the back once from a seated position at the helm, and Bobb almost wiped out once as well. We even had the props come out of the water several times (the props are *under* the boat). It was nasty, scary, and I’m hard pressed to think of another time that was as unpleasant. 12 hours later, we made it. This part of the trip was a true test – the boat handled it amazingly well and far exceeded my expectations, the engines were strong and flawless today, and Bobb and I made it through and learned a lot about the process and ourselves. Here’s a short video of what I thought would be the the worst of it all, but I was wrong.

There were some casualties – we lost the front window mesh (we saw it when it blew off…), the flybridge canvas was partially ripped off the support in the front, the interior looked as though a tornado had gone through it, there was some water leakage around some windows that got on this laptop and also damaged a few mostly insignificant items inside. We *almost* lost a cover for the the aft storage locker but it fortunately fell into the box itself.

The conditions for the next few days are predicted to be as bad or worse until next Tuesday, so it looks like we might be stuck again for a few days since I’m NEVER doing a trip like that again. We have some things to fix anyway, but I hope we don’t have any more delays since we’ve already lost three days as it is.

Time to raise a glass of Sailor Jerry’s, the rum choice of this captain, and put the day behind us.


  1. Oklahoma, you are stressing me out! Stay safe, guys!

    Comment by amanda redwine — June 8, 2018 @ 9:04 am

  2. Thanks Amanda! We’re staying put until around Tuesday because the weather is crap until then 🙂

    Comment by admin — June 8, 2018 @ 9:19 pm

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