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June 6, 2018

Boat trip – day 4

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Today Bobb got the toilet rebuilt, but unfortunately even though it did slow the vacuum leak a bit more it didn’t fix it. It needed to be done anyway, so it wasn’t wasted time but it’s frustrating, kinda like an intermittent electrical issue in a car. We did a full engine check, found that each engine was about a gallon short on oil so we topped them off. I replaced the rest of the hose clamps on the stuffing boxes, and then we topped off the fuel tank and took the boat out for a test run to see how it handled in the rougher weather. The wind was about 15-20 knots and the swells were around 7-8 feet. The wind wasn’t a problem but the swells made for a fairly wild ride, but the boat held up well. The only issue was that we pushed the engines up to 15 knots and one of the engines started running hotter than the other by about 15-20 degrees. When we slowed back down to 10 knots it went back to normal (about 7 degrees difference between the two engines), so that means I have to flush the heat exchanger for better raw water flow at the next opportunity. We were out for about 30 minutes before turning around and heading back to the marina. If it works, here’s a link to a video I took of the ride: June 6th test run

We decided we are going to head out tomorrow at around 8am. If we make it around Point Conception then we should be able to handle just about anything else in our path.

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