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June 6, 2018

Boat trip – day 3

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Since we knew we weren’t leaving today we took it easy this morning. We left to get lunch, did some shopping, then made it back to the boat for some work that needed to be done. We needed to find out what was wrong with the autopilot – which turned out to be a voltage drop when the hydraulic pump was activated. We got that fixed, and I sewed up some tears in the canvas on the bridge. We also replaced a hose clamp on each of the stuffing boxes that had rusted off. Apparently the old ones weren’t stainless steel….I may go back and get more to replace them all jic. That’s something you don’t want to fail while under way. We tried to replace the back deck flood lights but found out the brackets weren’t the right so we bagged that idea. We also tried to locate and remove the engine zincs so they could be inspected, but one of them would cause a flood of raw water to be dumped into the engine bay, and the other two we couldn’t get to budge even with an impact driver.

Other than that, we loaded up on some useful clothing items at West Marine. Because our trip from MDR to SB was so unseasonably cold, we got jackets and all-weather pants, Bobb got new shoes because his were leaving marks all over the boat, and gloves. I also got a snubber just in case we need to tie up to a mooring ball at some point during the trip. If we stay another day then we’ll tackle rebuilding the toilet – the vaccuflush system has a slight vacuum leak that I believe is caused by the gaskets in the toilet, so hopefully this will finally fix it. In the mean time, we have to turn it on, use it, then turn it off.

As of right now, the weather predictions for the coast seem to get worse and worse until Friday, so we may be stuck here longer than we’d originally thought. We’ll find out more on that tomorrow. I’m starting to think I may need to extend my vacation by a week, but I’ve started looking at where we can try to compress our trip by skipping ports.

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