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January 17, 2005

Road trip!! Who can I make mad today?

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We’ve been doing a lot of driving trips lately on the weekends, and this weekend was no exception. We took a drive down through Des Moines to the waterfront and then drove along the waterfront to Fife (of all places). We then went to Ballard and let Hayden play in the play thingy at McDonalds for about a half hour or so, then drove to Kirkland to pick up the baby sitter – ‘cuz we had plans for the night. We got home with just enough time to acclimate the babysitter (who was spending the night at our place so we could stay out later) and head back out the door again to go to a friends house. We got to the friends house, went to a place I can’t remember the name of for drinks and dinner, then went to The Swiss to go dancing and stuff. We had a great time at The Swiss even though one of the two other couples we were with were fighting almost the whole night and ended up leaving early. We got home about 1am and then proceeded to give the neighbors something to complain about 😉

On Sunday we headed towards southern Western Washington with no real destination in mind. We made it as far as Battleground – which is about 25 miles from Portland. There were three notable things that either happened or we saw along the way, 1) Got a call that my wedding band was available for pickup (we ALMOST turned around then to go get it – about 1/2 hour into the trip), 2) we saw a huge sign on the side of the road that said “Welcome to America, now speak english”. Whoa. We tried to get a picture of it but we were moving too fast, and 3) we saw a real live camel walking around in a field with cows in Battleground. WTF? Who has a camel? We did get pictures of that guy.

We made it back just in time to pick up my ring from the jewlers. It’s really cool looking – it’s 14k white gold with a woven pattern down the middle, a thin rope pattern on either side of the woven part and then a polished strip on the outside of that. We decided that since Nickey already had her wedding and engagement bands soldered together (since we had to resize it anyway) and she was wearing them that I would wear my wedding band too. As far as we’re concerned we’re already married in our hearts anyway. Hehe – let’s see who this part pisses off. There are a few people out there who seem to be unreasonably upset that Nickey and I are together…. It’s their problem not ours. All three of us are healthy and happy and we don’t live our lives based on other peoples oppinions.


  1. testing

    Comment by Demented Penguin — January 19, 2005 @ 6:52 pm

  2. I don’t understand who could be mad 🙂


    Comment by Anonymous — January 20, 2005 @ 7:26 am

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