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June 3, 2018

Boat trip – Day 1

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We haven’t left the dock yet, so we start off the trip now a day behind. We went to pick up the tender yesterday and by the time we got it back to the boat it was 4:00pm. Next task was to lift it onto the boat with the davit, but every time we tried to the bow of the tender would lift up and go almost completely vertical. After many adjustments and attempts to level it out we finally just bit the bullet and lifted it up, I leaned on the bow to level it, we pulled it over the railing and finally got it on the front of the boat. We don’t have chocks built in to the boat (they were removed at some point) so we temporarily used the extra bumpers to lower the tender onto and then strapped it down to stabilize it. After a lot more futzing, we finally found the sweet spot for the straps and were able to get the boat to lift level. We ended up making some temporary chocks out of the foam wrapping that the tender was packaged in, but that’s a long story and kinda boring so I’ll leave that part out. By this time we were pretty wiped out, but we needed to make a run to Home Depot to pick up some things, and we needed some dinner. At this point we took inventory on what was left to make us comfortable to head out in the morning, and the list was still longer than we wanted so we decided to postpone the trip by a day. We still needed to do some major organizing of the interior because there was stuff everywhere, we had a few engine things to do still, needed to do some food provisioning, and we needed to complete the “custom” tender chocks.

I’m happy to say that we finally got the tender sitting straight on the bow of the boat today (it actually looks pretty good, thanks to Bobb), picked up a few more things we needed, and went grocery shopping. We expect to leave around 9am in the morning, hit the fuel dock, and then head to Santa Barbara. The guest docks there are first come first served so we run the risk of not being able to get a slip….not sure what we’ll do if that happens, but at least we’ll have time to figure it out before it gets dark. I’m estimating it will take us about 5-6 hours to make the 72nm (83 miles) trip, fingers crossed.

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