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January 4, 2005

Long overdue update

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Editor’s note 😉 –

So as you can prolly tell, my blog isn’t an important part of my existance anymore like it used to be. I will try to maintain it from time to time but the daily, or even multiple daily updates are most likely a thing of the past. It’s more a matter of time than anything else. I used to have buttloads of free time before (and I was bored as hell), but now I choose to spend any and all I have with my new family. So check back, but just not as often.

End editor’s note

On to current events, I’ll start with the most recent then try to strain my brain to remember anything before Friday.

On Sunday we went on what started out as a day cruise to Leavenworth but ended up spending the night just for the fun of it. We stayed in the HoJo over there in what was a “concept room” designed for kids. It was outfitted with lots of Crayola stuff so I had a pretty good time…oh yeah, and so did Hayden :). While we were over there we checked out Ohme Gardens (from a distance since it’s closed) and the hotel where the reception is going to be held. Yesterday morning was the first time in my life that I can ever remember being up early enough for the complimentary continental breakfast. We had breakfast then headed for home through Blewett Pass. The temp was in the single digits for part of the drive back and I hit some slippery pavement too. I was really glad I had the Yuke with the auto 4WD.

For New Years Nickey and I went on an Argosy Cruise in Elliot Bay. It was a four course dinner with dancing and party favors. We had a couple of bottles of wine and then a champagne toast at midnight. We had an incident in the mens bathroom that raised a few eyebrows when we came out (nothing like the mile high club or anything unfortunately, but we had them all guessing ;)). Before we got on the boat they took our picture, which I’ll have to scan so I can put it up at http://chrisandnickey.com when I get the site up.

Christmas day afternoon we spent at my mom’s place which was the first time my mom met Nickey and Hayden. It got the “thumbs up” from my mom of course. She’s prolly in shock that I’m even getting married at all since I’ve told her to not count on grand children from me in the past. Anyway, it was a good time and good food.

Lesse – purchases. I recently bought a 802.11g access point and two pcmcia cards to convert from B to G at home finally. I bought a coupla shirts from thinkgeek.com for Nickey and Hayden – Nickey: “I (heart) my Geek” and “Chicks dig Unix”, Hayden: picture of Tux in a diaper, picture of a computer with “Newbie” below it, and (front of shirt) “Input” with an arrow pointing up (back of shirt) “Output” with an arrow pointing down. I also got Hayden a stuffed Tux as well. Gotta start that boy out right and get him in the Linux frame of mind before the Windows “techies” get a hold of him. We went to lunch the other day and I overheard some Windows geeks talking shop. When they left they noticed Nickeys “Chicks dig Unix” shirt – ah, sweet victory. Hehe. I think that’s all the purchasing I’ve done lately. Hm, slow month I guess!

Back to work….

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