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November 22, 2004

What is it with delivery services?

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Now it’s the USPS that I’m mad at, it’s a conspiracy I tell you. Pain in the ass. I’m starting to think that UPS is the only way to ship anything anymore. I just got home and found this stupid ass thing in my door telling me that the mail carrier “tried to deliver” a package but no explaination why they didn’t. It doesn’t require a signature so WTF? Now I’ve gotta roll my ass outta bed @ 8:30 tomorrow instead of 9:00 so I can go to the stupid ass post office to pick up my stupid ass package.

It’s not really an ass you realize – it’s a cell phone. I said ass a lot so I thought I might need to clarify. It’s not that I like to say the word ass, promote the use of the word ass, or even talk about asses per se, but the word ass just seemed to compliment the rest of the rant, which is why I used the word ass so much in the above paragraph.

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