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November 22, 2004

Best birthday/weekend/date ever!

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I don’t think it’s been three days between posts in forever, but I have the best reason for it. I’ll start in chronological order…for the most part. Friday I went out to dinner with Robyn, James, Trav and Nat for my birthday. Outside of a couple of other people, they are all my best friends and I really had a great time. I just love hanging with them. After that I dropped Trav off at the airport then went out with another of my best friends and had a couple of drinks. I didn’t want to get trashed or anything because I needed to rest up for Saturday night so I was home by 11pm.

This deserves a paragraph all by itself. I’ll try to not make this too mushy but it’s going to be hard. I met the most amazing woman last week. I’m not one to neccessarilly go head over heals this quickly but damn if I haven’t. I met her on Tuesday, she called me on Friday to sing me happy birthday (like Marilyn Monroe – how cool is that?!) and we went on a date on Saturday night – which didn’t end until this morning. She has an awesome two year old son name Hayden who was a little hessitant around me at first but warmed up pretty quickly. My dad met Nickey and agrees with me that she’s a keeper. We just seem to fit. I could go on and on but I’m trying to keep this brief. I have a feeling I won’t be posting very much in the near future =)

BTW – got my pocket bike on Friday and it’s REALLY cool! I haven’t had time to even try it out yet (but I’m not complaining). I think my new phone is going to be delivered today.


  1. DUDE!!!!

    This is soooo cool! Well MOST of it is cool — the part about the girl is just the greatest!!!!

    The part about you not posting the “…and joya says ‘hi'” …well, I’ll try to NOT take it personally. 🙂

    Te he!

    Rock on rockstar!
    We’re cheering ya on!
    Joya ‘n company.

    Comment by Anonymous — November 22, 2004 @ 6:37 pm

  2. Oh man! I’m soo sorry! I had the “Joya sez hi” on there but the update process got all confustigated. I had to re-write the whole post ‘cuz it got wiped out when it failed – I honestly forgot to put it back!!! I’m dumb. 😀

    Thanks for the comment about my new chica – she really kicks ass. Hey, if she didn’t than I wouldn’t be with her 😉

    Comment by Demented Penguin — November 23, 2004 @ 1:02 am

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