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November 13, 2004


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Here I sit, primary on-call, pager in hand, waiting for a catastrophe to happen at work. Fortunately it’s been relatively quiet for the last two days but all fit could hit the shan at any moment. It’s typical to *just* go to bed and have the damn pager go off – prolly why I haven’t gone to bed yet. Heh.

It’s been a weird week, personally. What I mean by “personally” is that it was full of self introspection caused by various crossroads which triggered a few surprising revelations…in many respects. At least life is starting to make more sense to me these days and is beggining it’s transformation towards funneling into a specific direction for a change. I’m sure this is all jibberish to you, but it makes total sense to me. This isn’t really here for you but more to chronicle the summation of my week of revelations for future reference. Kind of like a timeline. If I wanted YOU to understand then I’d have been more specific ;D

Didn’t get around to putting up the Netbackup link, didn’t have the time…. I have ALL weekend to do it though so expect it by Monday (I have _*SO*_ much information to put up). I’m literally smack dab in the middle of upgrading our backup system at work so I’ll have even more schtuff to add soon. I have some really good tips too. For example – proceedures that will change the importing of tapes between environments from taking several hours – or days in some cases – to around 30 minutes no matter how many tapes need to be imported. Figured that one out all on mah own (a little self promotion there – so what). I have automation scripts I wrote, checks for Big Brother that make sure there are enough scratch tapes and monitor for failed backups, I wrote menu driven scripts that even non-technical managers could use and understand, etc. I could go on and on, but I think I’ll just put the link up instead. You’ll see 😉

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