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April 27, 2018

Adventure update, and bucket lists

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I read an article today about two young boys – 5 and 8 – who are sailing a toy boat around the world. They equipped the boat with a GPS tracker and shoved off in 2017, it’s still travelling the world now. They have a “bucket list” of about 500 items and they are almost half way through it. Makes me think – why do people create and execute bucket lists during the latter half of life, why not when we are young?

On to the update: I bought a lot of stuff for the boat now – epirb, floating vhf with gps, AIS, autopilot, tender, new 14′ 8db vhf antenna, marine cell repeater, etc. For the past week I’ve been struggling to get my AIS to connect to my radar and navigation displays over nmea 0183, and even though the provided software says the AIS is transmitting and receiving (I can see other boats via the software) I still can’t pick my own transmissions up on any vessel tracking site yet. So I can’t see any other boats on my displays and I can’t find my boat on any tracking service. If at least one of those two things was working then I wouldn’t feel as stressed. It’s very frustrating.

Just about a month left until we leave and I still have so much to do. I head back home on Monday and won’t be back until the end of May about a week before we leave, so I *have* to get some of this stuff taken care of before I head home next week.

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