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November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving already?

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This year has flown by. I guess when you are absorbed in your job for 70-90 hours a week that can happen…. Fortunately we finally deployed the final piece of the game last week so we will *hopefully* be slowing down to somewhat normal hours finally. If not then there may very well be a major uprising by several of the crew.

I think this is the first holiday we’ve had off in some time (although I think we did have labor day “off”). I have been slowly taking advantage of the time off and have been cleaning up the house room by room – something that has been direly needed for some time. I still have a long way to go but I should be able to get it done by the end of the weekend. I’ve been spending as much time with the dogs as I can too because I haven’t been around much to give them attention. I think we’re going to go for a ride tomorrow to some, as of yet unknown, location.

Today has been surprisingly pretty good. Although I haven’t feasted like the rest of the masses in this fine country, I have been enjoying the day quite a bit. I had to work until early this morning and didn’t wake up until about 1pm but, contrary to my normal M.O., I got started pretty much right away. I’ve been upgrading my computer all day (it is at least 3 revs. of Ubuntu behind!), cleaned the house, played with the dogs, blared my new Kid Rock cd, etc. I ran out of cigarettes early this afternoon so I got dressed and headed out to the local 7-11. I felt very biker-ish with the beard, longer hair, the chain wallet and my CBGB t-shirt. I rode the bike to the store and since it was about 75 decided it was nice enough to forgo the jacket. I got the smokes and then went for a ride. It was one of the nicest rides I’ve had so far on the new bike. Perfect temp, not much traffic, and made most of the lights. It was a short ride – only about 45 minutes – but it helped to recharge me a little. It makes a big difference riding without a jacket, much less restrictive and freeing. I love my bike.

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