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November 7, 2009

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It ‘s amazing to me how fast this year has gone by, but then again I’ve been mired in work and other things so time is bound to go by quickly I guess. Already a week into November? Dang.

So far SoCal has been living up to my expectations. In the last month there has only been 2 days of rain, some of the nights have been really foggy on the city side but clear in the valley, and the daytime temps have been in the 70’s-80’s. That’s why I wanted to move here. Last weekend I went to Seattle and it rained every day there. I do not miss that at all. I would never be able to justify owning a motorcycle in Washington, I just wouldn’t get to ride it enough. Here I ride it every day except when it rains – which is about 2-3 weeks a year.

As I mentioned, I went to Seattle last weekend to see Hayden. We spent about 24 hours together and had some fun. We went trick-or-treating, went to lunch with my Mom and Bob, went to Chuck-E-Cheeses, and had a sleepover at my Dads place.  It was a bit weird seeing Nickey for the first time in three months but things went ok, although she seems to feel the need to tell me way to much about her personal life. We have been tentatively talking about Hayden coming down to stay with me for about a week after Christmas which would be really cool. Just a couple of “dudes” hanging out together.

Apparently my neighbors house was almost broken into 2 weeks ago. She got hit last year too, but this time someone saw them so they took off before they could take anything. She asked if I could put one of my dogs in her backyard during the day on the weekdays to try to discourage them from coming back again. Even though Loki is much more intimidating I think Zoe is a better fit for the job because she’s easier to manage. My neighbor just had back surgery a few months back and I’d be afraid Loki would hurt her. He’s such a brute sometimes. As it turns out my neighbor is actually afraid of Loki anyway, and Zoe is doing a good job so she was definitely the right choice for the job.

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for me and my personal computers. About two weeks ago my personal laptop at work had the hard drive die on me, then today I had the hard drive in my home laptop go bad and the power supply in my desktop die. It’s a good thing I have the netbook work gave me otherwise I’d be computer free at the moment.  That can’t happen…..

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