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September 15, 2009

Work and life

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Seems like as the weeks go by things are getting crazier at work. Lately I haven’t been able to leave before 10:30 and I’m working on the weekends more and more. I’ll probably have to go in at least one day this coming weekend. Management is under the impression that after the game releases at the end of this month that things will start to quiet down after two weeks. None of us are fooled however, and we know it will be months before all the “hotfixes” and bugs are all sorted out. We’ve been searching for months now for another systems administrator to help out and now that we have two weeks until the game launches it’s seemingly a futile endeavor. Who would have thought that with the talented pool of professionals in L.A. that we still have not found anyone to fill the job. We’re finding that people are either a) completely crazy, b) lazy, c) not technical enough, or d) don’t have the personality to fit our company culture. If you’re reading this and think you have what it might take to work here, drop me a line – PLEASE.

I helped out my neighbor last weekend with installing WordPress on his Mac. I’ve never used a Mac before so it was really a learning experience for both of us. He was quite generous in his payment for my services by bbq’ing me a nice slab of salmon, wine, and a cigar. Being a former native of the Seattle area it makes complete sense that I love salmon. I would eat it every day if I could. There might be a point where I’ll need his help because I recently got a Samsung netbook through work (so I can be even more available) and I set aside a partition to install MacOS. I found a cool “Hackintosh” website (don’t have the link atm or I’d post it) that tells how to do the installation. I’ve been wanting to dable more in BSD as well as Mac’s, so it just sort of makes sense to give it a try. My biggest road block to getting a Mac has always been the price of their laptops, so this would be a great way to circumvent that. Most of the engineering team where I work use Mac’s so it would also help me to support them. I’ll post my progress on that – if there is any.

I’ve been practicing every day on the guitar and I think I’m slowly getting more fluid. I also finaly figured out how to tune my acoustic guitar, which is surprisingly easy to do. Here’s a great link: http://www.howtotuneaguitar.org/tuning/how-to-tune/ . I’m not ready to go on tour or anything, but hopefully I’ll get good enough that I could “jam” some day.

The house is almost completely cleaned up now. There’s mostly the sunroom left to clean, as well as some stuff that I need to decide if I need to donate, store, or throw out now. I’m thinking of painting next, but money is becoming a huge issue lately. After paying a ton of bills this past weekend and seeing the end balance in my account it is becoming rapidly clear that I need to re-re-re-evaluate my spending habits and pare them back even more. I can’t even afford to file for the divorce now. I’ll find a way but it may take some time unfortunately. It’s like a noose around my neck lately and it really needs to be done.

The dogs and the cat are all healthy and (seemingly) happy. The cat and I actually get along pretty well, which is strange because we really didn’t get along before. At least she has plenty of freedom, but I feel bad for the dogs. They have been amazingly good considering I’ve left them in the house for as much as 15 hours at a time. I try to leave as early as I can from work but, like I said, it’s been really crazy lately. They are really troopers and it’s so nice to come home and see how excited they are. They jump all over me and give me lots of love. I wonder where I’d be right now without them.

This past weekend I made a list of what I want from life. I think part of my problem over the last few years has been focus related – in every sense. I’m trying to come up with a list of what I want from life, what I feel I need in order to actually be happy. It’s obviously going to be a work in progress based on where I’m at and what’s going on at that time, but I’m trying to set the foundation vision for my future. Think of it as a mission statement for my life if you will. Oddly enough my strongest personality trait – “detective” – plays no part in my future. Wonder what that means….

One nice thing about everything that’s been going on lately is that I now have a whole new (well, old) wardrobe. I can now fit into clothes that I wore 4 years ago. I’ve lost about 25 pounds total now and am hoping to lose another 20 or so. It seems I’ve hit a bit of a plateau though, so we’ll see how it goes. If I can be more consistent about working out then I think I’ll break over the cliff of the plateau and hit my goal. I try to work out in the mornings but the past week I’ve been sleeping through my alarms. I don’t know what that’s all about….

Until next time – live the life you deserve, desire, and really need. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Words I have yet to live by.

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