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October 28, 2004

To know The Rack…

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I think I’ve pretty well established thus far that I hate to shop and have no fashion sense – maybe they’re related, who knows. Today I remembered the one place that I actually like to shop at – Nordstrom’s Rack. I totally dig that place. The cool thing about shopping at The Rack is that it’s kind of hard to go wrong with whatever I select, maybe that’s why I like shopping there so much. I think I got some goooooood stuff tonight though, better than normal. Got a Kenneth Cole leather jacket (I really like this jacket), Bacco Bucci leather shoes, a Claiborne shirt and a Jhane Barnes shirt. I even surprised myself a little at how well it all looks together.

Hmm, potential future date clothes? Could be, could be….. Damn I’m in a good mood – and I haven’t even been drinking.

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