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September 5, 2009

New adventures

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In my last update I mentioned that I was going to go to La Jolla with the dogs. We did make the trip, although when I realized just how far it was going to be I almost decided not to go. But I know the dogs love their car rides so I decided to go after all – in the name of adventure. When we got there it was close to being a parking lot so we didn’t get to see as much as I’d planned to, but the puppies did get to enjoy a chicken sandwich like I promised them.

The following weekend (last weekend) my friend came in to town for a few days. It was great having him here and he helped me to enjoy sitting out in the yard as well as swimming again. We went out to eat, sat outside and talked at night, and even managed to drive by the beach at one point – we were planning to stop and go to the beach but time was running out before he had to leave to catch his plane and the beaches were packed anyway. On the way back I took him through this tiny little town I’d been through a few times before that has this somewhat odd kind of store in it. It’s almost a hippy kind of second hand shop. They have incense burning and all kinds of strange objects for sale as well as clothes. While looking through the store I happened upon an acoustic guitar (which I’d been wanting for some time), a Mitchell MD 100s. Being the nerd that I am I pulled out my blackberry and searched for reviews and prices online and found it to have high reviews. The price they had for it was very reasonable compared to what it was new so I decided to get it, in lieu of my aforementioned tattoo from a previous post. I try to play it every day if I can, but the problem is that I don’t know how to tune an acoustic guitar yet. My electric guitar is easy – just plug in the tuner and hit a string. I’ll have to do some research I guess.

This week has been undeniably one of the craziest since I started working at this place. We had three catastrophic site failures yesterday alone, and the prior days were long and stressful. It’s funny though, this is probably the fastest and most stressful job (work-wise) I’ve ever had but I love every minute of it. I just wish I was still a contractor sometimes getting those contractor dollars 🙂

This weekend we actually get as a three day holiday. Because of that I completely wasted today and did nothing – except for a couple loads of laundry. I got up after 10, took a nap this afternoon, and haven’t really ventured out anywhere at all. I haven’t even gotten out of my pajamas yet and it’s 10:30 at night! I was tempted to go to the Harley dealership because they had a big sale today, but I don’t really have the money to spend on the bike right now. I really want new pipes tho…. The next two days though I’m planning to do more. I’ve got the bug to do a little exploring. Pack up the dogs and drive somewhere, have lunch, and hopefully get out and stretch our legs a little. I kinda want to go fishing too, but we’ll see about that.

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