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August 9, 2009

The woman of my dreams

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About four and a half years ago the most important woman in my life found me on Friendster. I was looking for her but she managed to find me, and captivated me with a simple phrase – something to the effect of “I found your profile so funny, I think a little pee came out”. Magic. I still remember that day when I received the message from her. I was showing everyone at work.

We had a few days of exchanging emails before she asked me for my phone number and asked me out on a date. We ended up on a freight train romance that no one could stop. People tried, but no one succeeded. I blogged proudly of my new romance, boasted about my son, we took road trips every weekend – just pointed ourselves in a direction and drove until we decided to turn around. Flowers, little gifts, and lots of attention was the norm.

Somewhere along the way “the norm” became watching tv, a constant flow of home projects, and me working long hours. The bills owned us so we never went anywhere anymore, and we had moved to California leaving our families behind so there was no easy solution for babysitting. Needless to say, the romance had vanished.

Now I sit here alone in the house with my two dogs. A house with termites and a few big half finished projects, and with scattered debris from when she moved out. I don’t even have the motivation to clean it up. Why didn’t I treat my Ms. Wow better? Why did I end up taking her for granted?

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