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October 27, 2004

Collage of thoughts

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pom says: “The Moon is Full”. BTW, that’s p.o.m (phase of the moon). I noticed it looked a little like p.o.r.n (photos of random nekkedness? pictures of redneck nachos? phreaks of ritual narcissism?). Let’s just start off here by saying that I’m running on really low brain power today….

Went to REI today to buy a backpack. Almost every single variant of them had a pocket for a laptop. What the hell is that all about? Like you’re going to take your laptop hiking with you? I guess it’s probably targeted at people going to school, but it still seems strange to me.

I can’t seem to get rid of this stupid headache I’ve had for the last two and a half days. It started when I woke up on Monday and doesn’t seem to want to go away no matter what I do. Advil, lots of water, extra sleep, lack of sleep (not intentionally), vitamins, exercise – I’ve tried them all. Maybe it’s because of the moon (which is completely eclipsed right now).

Still have to buy some clothes for the wedding. I guess I’d better get my butt going on that, it’s less than 48 hours until I leave for beautiful Wichita. I used to wear a shirt and tie to work every day, you’d think I would still have some remnants from those days laying around but it appears that’s not the case. That’s okay though, I’m using this event as an excuse to get a new leather jacket because I’ve been wanting one for a while. Well, like I really NEED an excuse 😉 It’s off to the dreaded mall tomorrow I guess. Heh, haven’t told my boss I need to leave around 2:30 on Friday – guess I’d better do that.

And just because I feel like ranting about it – it’s bad enough I get credit card app after credit card app in the mail, but when I get mail from credit cards I already have saying (essentially) Why aren’t you using us!? Here are some checks, use us…use us…use us! We’ll give you a special interest rate for six whole months*



AHHHH!! Every single month from my Citi card, and every few months from the others, I get a letter telling me that “Your credit limit is” $X and includes a few checks. It’s not even a bill, it’s just checks. I don’t want that crap – leave me alone. No wonder why the average person has so much credit card debt. Okay, I know that’s not really the reason…. <--end of rant I _need_ to rebuild one of my computers soon. I’ve got over a terrabyte of disk space just waiting to be installed an utilized. Aren’t 250 gig drives a wonderful thing. I need to get a few more so I can max out the controller I bought (eight disks! 2T!!!) and have more redundancy. I’m probably going to need a transformer to power this thing when I’m done. Maybe I’ll post pictures and configuration layouts on my site after it’s built. Warned you it was a collage of things.


  1. If there was such a thing as “redneck nachos,” what would they be like? Canned off-brand chili and slices of american cheese over torn up tortillas so stale that they’ve gone stiff? Something worse? You have captured my imagination with your p.o.r.n., Chris.

    Of course, I *did* have a platter of nachos for lunch today and thus have nachos on the brain even moreso than usual. Silly me.


    Comment by Anonymous — October 27, 2004 @ 10:42 pm

  2. Excellent choices on the redneck nachos Suze, although I think the canned chili should be replaced with fresh homemade roadkill chili and just a touch of 3-in-1 oil should be lightly spread across the top of the final product. Maybe it could even be served with a nice case of Shlitz or , if it’s an extra special night, Thunderbird 😉

    I always knew you’d be interested in p.o.r.n

    Comment by Demented Penguin — October 27, 2004 @ 11:09 pm

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