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October 26, 2004

Fashion (mis)sense

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Bah. Too many posts tonight I think – just trying to occupy my mind a little. I even – mostly – restored my old web site back to it’s original status, sans a few links and the old blog. No one needs to relive that horror again.

So – fashion sense. Anybody have one I can barrow for about an hour? My first mistake is that I keep buying clothes online. I know, I know, but I hate going into stores to buy this junk. It makes me crabby and ill-tempered. I have no problem wearing nice clothes – in fact I prefer it – but how to select the right clothes is beyond me for some reason. I’ve been buying a lot of stuff lately from Eddie Bauer but when I get it I just can’t seem to make an ensemble that I like, or the shirts are the wrong size, or not quite what I thought they were, or a different color than I thought they looked in the pictures, etc (I do buy pants in stores – I’m not *that* stupid). It amazes me how I can lack basic color palette coordination – it’s like it was a class that I missed somewhere along the way (along with hair management). I had to make a pillow one time in home ec. I selected lime green and dark brown fabric. I know now that that’s just wrong, but back then…. And of course it’s one of the things my mom decided to keep. Oh man. I want to paint my condo but I’m a little affraid of how it’d turn out. Maybe it’s just fine how it is now.

Hmm, I just found out there are several different variations of the word palette – all meaning different things: palet, pallette, and palette. Wonder if there are more. What? That wasn’t random or anything. No it wasn’t.

Alright enough of this crap. I’m done for the evening. If you read all of this then it’s your own damn fault. But be sure to read the next two entries! LOL. OMFG I’m so bored right now.

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