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November 3, 2008

Dusting out a few cobwebs

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It’s been about two weeks now since I last posted so I thought I’d better do an update. I don’t want to risk losing my huge reader fanbase (all three or so of you!) after all.

Let’s see, where to start. Let’s start with Nickey. She was run over by a semi last week that was turning out of a parking lot. She was in the right turn lane coming out of the same parking lot and the semi (with a trailer) was in the left lane. Apparently the truck driver didn’t see her and made a right turn from the left lane and drove over the front part of the car damaging the left quarter panel and pulling off the bumper. It could have been a lot worse and she wasn’t hurt, although she is seeing a chiropractor now for a little recuperative therapy.

Popby.com is doing really well these days. We noticed last year that September-November are the busy time of the year for us and this year the same holds true. We had more orders in the month of October – I believe it was twice as many – than any other month that we’ve been in business. When I say “we” I really mean Nickey, I’m just there to help with the manual labor and give support. I’ve got the servers running so smoothly that they almost take care of themselves 🙂

Hayden recently started going to L.A.s Best, which is an after school program where they do homework and then participate in activities. It seems like it’s really helped him in a lot of ways, from getting his work done more reliably to giving him a lot of socialization opportunities. Being an only child he doesn’t always know the best way to compromise and I think this will help him a lot. He seems to be doing very well in school. His teacher from the beginning of the year left suddenly to start a new job at a school closer to where she lives so he had to start over again with a new teacher. The transition was a little bumpy initially but, as he does, he adjusted in about a week and things were back to normal again.

Hayden LOVES Halloween and spent hours looking at catalogs and displays (in stores) at the Halloween decorations. Oddly enough, when it came time to go trick-or-treating he was so afraid of some of the decorations people had that he would *not* go up to the door. Even though he had seen these decorations in stores – and had touched them – he was really afraid of them. Even the allure of candy wasn’t always enough to brave the walk up to the house in some cases. In the end he had quite a bit of “loot” and he even let us know when he was done trick-or-treating. He’s so sweet, he even shared some of his candy with me.

Not a whole lot is different with me these days. I’m still primarily focused on my Ecoexist.net projects and the consulting gig. We lost our pool pump motor to the pool gods about a week ago so we now have a pool with stagnant water (see the article Water reclamation overflow on ecoexist.net for a more detail explanation). We were planning on resurfacing the pool this winter anyway, so it happened at a fairly opportune time. We also just lost the condenser on our AC unit, but at least the temperatures are down in the 70’s and 80’s now so it’s not as tragic as it could have been a month ago. Hopefully everything major that is going to break has run its course already.

To compound the stagnant pool water issue, it seems we are starting the rainy season. If I remember correctly from last year, once it started to rain it lasted for almost two weeks before it let up. This means that we have more water than we can possibly deal with!! Sheesh. I’m also a bit nervous since I haven’t yet driven the motorcycle in the rain and am dreading getting caught on my way home from work. I know it’s something I’ll have to eventually deal with, but I’d rather avoid it for as long as possible.

I think that’s most everything, but I’ll update again if I think of anything I might have missed.

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