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August 17, 2008

Two weeks until school starts! And, the motorcyle experience

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It is going to be really good for Hayden to go back to school. Last summer he was really restless and wanted to go places all the time. On the weekends, if we hadn’t left to go somewhere by noon he would start to ask if we were going to go do something. He was much more of a wanderer back then. This summer he’s turned into a sloth – he doesn’t even get out of his pajama’s unless we tell him to get dressed! He never wants to go anywhere anymore (unless it’s to go get something to eat, which he wants to do every time we do go out) and complains when we tell him we’re leaving saying he doesn’t want to go anywhere. Then when we’re out doing things he keeps asking when we’re going to go home. What a difference a year makes. It’s almost like he’s turning into a teenager at 5!!!

It’s also going to be good for him to hang out with kids his own age. All of his friends from school haven’t been around for him to play with all summer, or their parents are only our “friends” when they have to see us at school, so he has only been around us for the most part. The stories he tells and the imagination he has are unbelievable and would probably be even more appreciated by someone his own age.

I’m getting much more comfortable on the motorcycle. I’ve had it since the 26th of July, so about four full weekends so far. The first weekend I didn’t drive it out of the driveway at all – just back and forth in the driveway. The second and third weekends I drove it on residential streets about 7 and 16 miles respectively. This weekend I decided it was time to venture out onto surface streets. Yesterday I drove it 20 miles on somewhat busy streets, then today I’ve driven it about 65 miles total. This morning I drove it to work – from Lake Balboa (West Van Nuys) to Brentwood over by Santa Monica and back. That was about 37 miles, then this afternoon I drove it an other 24 miles out to Topanga Canyon and back on Devonshire. I’ve got starting and stopping down pretty well, turning I’m feeling more comfortable with, and I’ve had to make two quick stops without panicking. I’ve found that starting out on an incline is much harder than I thought and need to do a lot of work on that since there is a major hill on my way to work and I will NEED to be able to start out on a hill. If it wasn’t for the hill then I’d probably take it to work tomorrow, but unfortunately it’ll have to wait.

Nickey and Hayden are heading to Seattle on Wednesday for a family reunion on her mom’s side. I can’t go since I just recently started a job and would have to take those days without pay since I’m a contractor. They will be back on Sunday for about an hour then will be driving to San Diego for a Brian Buffini Mastermind conference. Then they will be back Tuesday night. A whole week to myself. Most guys would probably be like, “I’m going out!”. I’m like, “What projects can I get done? Bead board in the kitchen. Can I get the tile in the bathroom removed and replaced before she gets back? Can I pull down the drywall in the bedroom, insulate the walls, replace the drywall, tape it, texture it and prime it before she gets back?”. Note the “before she gets back” consistency 🙂

Hi mom! Sorry I haven’t been living up to my twice a week commitment!! I’ll try to be more consistent. We love you.

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