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October 26, 2004

Dammit, screwed myself…again

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Me and my big mouth. D’jever do things that, while in the middle of doing them, you know they are completely wrong but for some reason you just can’t seem to stop yourself from doing them? Heh. Welcome to my life. I seem to have this innate habbit of telling weird things about myself to people I shouldn’t be telling these things to. When I start to tell these things it all starts out seemingly normal to me, then when I’m done telling it then I realize my mistake. Perfect. Usually happens, but isn’t limited to, when I’m out of my “comfort zone” environment it seems. Must be an IT social retardedness thing, we’re really not known for our social couthness usually. I’m trying to fix these downfalls I’ve noticed – like controlling free flowing personal information for example. Now where’s that button to dissable these features….

Ah well, live to endure the fickleness of another day. It’s not always “rainbows and butterflies” now is it. Hmm, thank God.

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