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July 18, 2008

One foot out the door, and one stuck in the door jamb

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I gave the standard two week notice at my current job two days ago. Much to my surprise it was all met with, “Oh, okay. Well good luck” and even a “thanks for your contributions”. Hmm. I have to admit, I did expect a little more of the “why are you leaving” line of questioning, but this made it a lot easier. It was almost as if they were expecting that I’d find a new job and move on. Maybe they really didn’t want to know the reason why – and probably for good reason. I was really hoping, as is done occasionally in my industry, that once I gave notice that they would pay me for my two weeks and vacation then walk me out the door. No such luck tho. I never seem to get that opportunity – bosses always like to make me ride out the full two weeks for some reason. I guess they don’t consider me a security risk, I guess that’s good…darn it!

The company I’m going to – MonsterTrak – is about the same size as the company I’m leaving but it is much more stable and (hopefully) far less dysfunctional. They are owned by Monster.com but they only have about a dozen people working in the office I’ll be in. It will be more like a stable start-up. Nickey is happy that I’m now out of the, ahem – porn biz (in case you’re not up to speed – the company I’m leaving is an online porn peddler). On the down side tho – if I get caught with porn on my laptop now I don’t have an excuse 🙂

Don’t forget to check out my other blog, EcoExist and keep up on my environmental antics that keeps my wife rolling her eyes.

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