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April 24, 2008

The things Hayden says sometimes

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I’m watching the Discovery channel last night, a show about a bridge over the Bering Straight and all of the engineering issues that go along with such a project. Hayden comes out of his room and wants to sit next to me and watch the show. He’s asking all kinds of questions about things he’s seeing on the show – why did they do that, what’s that called, why did the helicopter fly over the bridge, etc. He had been quite for a moment or two when he said, “Dad?”. “Yeah?”. “When I get older am I going to like shows like this?”. lol

We’re having our house painted this week. It’s a tedious process that I’m very glad to pay someone else to do. They had to power wash the existing paint job (which is Tex-cote) to get off any loose layers of paint. Then they have to sand down all of the wood around the windows and the doors (including the doors themselves), re-coat the walls where the underlying cement-like material of the walls has cracked or chipped away. Hayden came home from school, when the work crew was winding down for the day, and sees all the stuff that’s been done. I wish I had been there to witness it, but my wife tells me that he looks at the work and says simply, “impressive”. He’s only five – what five year old says stuff like that!

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