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April 12, 2008

This town is hard on cars

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I’ve had more door dings on our new car, which we’ve owned for less than a year, than I’ve had on all of my other cars combined. There are little ones and ones that look very deliberate. Now I’m very careful about where I park.

The other thing this city likes to do apparently is get into car accidents. I got into my second one in four months yesterday. Some psycho woman rear ended me because she was chasing me. Why was she chasing me? Because we were sitting at light next to each other, she had her music up and her windows down so I closed my windows to drown out the sound. I didn’t even look at her. Once we went through the light she pulled up next to me and almost side swiped me laughing and making hand gestures. All because I didn’t want to listen to her music? Since she was acting hostile I sped up to get away from her, changed lanes and slowed down. She got behind me and couldn’t slow down in time and rammed me. Then she tried to get away. Fortunately I was able to get her to pull over and exchange information. She was very hostile through all of this. To make a long story short, she smelled like alcohol, I found out she’s on SR-22, and she’s restricted to driving to and from work and to and from treatment. What kind of treatment, I don’t know.

We’re going to the police station to file an assult report today since she tried to grab the paper with the information I took down about her from my pocket and wrestled with me, she took all of the papers out of my glove box, and threw my phone to the ground breaking it into several pieces. I don’t want her to be arrested, but I want it recorded in case she decides she wants to sue me or something. Between her past driving, treatment, my driving record, and the report then I shouldn’t have any problems defending myself in such a situation.

Hindsight? I should have just let her go when she ran, but I wanted to get her license plate number.

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