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February 16, 2008

Seven hours of folding later….

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Valentines day…I had an epiphany while getting ready for work one morning. I really wanted to do something great and I finally had the perfect idea – origami roses hand made by myself. It was perfect because flowers are a traditional Valentines Day gift but it was unique in that it was hand made which helped to alleviate some of the overly traditionalistic tones of the gift. It also was appropriate considering Nickey’s personality and how she likes to make her own cards and gifts. And finally – because I thought of it all by myself. Normally I get her a gift certificate for a massage or a charm for her charm bracelet, so this was a good break from my norm.

Can you tell I’m excited about this? There was a price to pay though, read on.

After doing some research I found a few web sites and youtube videos to help educate me on the various methods of creating the flowers. After two days of researching, trial and (mostly) error, and pulling my hair out I was about to give up when I found a video that finally made it much clearer. Due to the researching, many failed folding attempts, and surprising difficulty in finding origami paper I wasn’t able to finish the gift until just a few moments ago so needless to say it was, unfortunately, a bit belated. I wish I’d had the idea a week earlier….

So here’s the finished product. It’s a dozen red roses with one extra for the future (kind of a traditional thing that goes back to our first date):

She hasn’t seen it yet. I have it right in front of the coffee maker so she’ll see it first thing when she gets up. I can’t wait! 🙂

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