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January 23, 2008

Where does all my time go?

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It’s been way too long for an update but it was an unavoidable setback. Between home and work I haven’t really had too much time for such frivolities lately, unfortunately.

Work has been highly gratifying lately and I’ve become totally consumed by it. I feel like I’m finally on a learning curve that I should have been on several years ago, but wasn’t because I wasn’t held very accountable. Now that I’m responsible for troubleshooting site anomalies mostly on my own I feel a greater sense of ownership. That coupled with some of my side projects have enabled me to understand to a more finite level an even greater sense of ownership in my job. The more ownership I feel the more I strive to learn, the more I learn the more I feel a part of the job and the company.

I’ve got a few home projects that I just need to completely focus on so I can get them done and out of the way. I’ve *almost* completed building Nickeys’ desk, but I still have a few more coats of stain/varnish (I’ll post pics when it’s done). Then I need to rewire the AC lines in the attic so I can clean up the f’d up mess so then I can insulate the attic. Then I’ve got to put up gutters in the back of the house, fix the cracks in the tex-cote, crop the trees in the front yard, clean up the pool, sand the wood all around the outside of the house so we can paint it, get the roof redone, get a new AC/Heater unit, and whatever else comes up after all of that. Eesh. No wonder I stay up late….

Oh – check out ChrisAndNickey.com for a rockin video of Hayden on his electric guitar.

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