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December 15, 2007

Oh crap, I hit a brand new Bentley

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A great cap to a…not so great week. On my way home tonight I got in an accident with a brand new Bentley. It was so new that it didn’t even have plates, the owner said he only had it for a couple of days. Fortunately no one got hurt and, fortunately, it wasn’t my fault. It was the guy driving the Bentley’s fault. It was Friday night traffic and the Bentley’s driver wasn’t paying attention. He was going about 40 on the freeway when he, at the last second, noticed the car in front of him was at a dead stop. He slammed on his breaks and swerved right in front of me – I had no choice but to broadside him. He clipped the car he tried to avoid so it was a total of a three car accident.

I do wonder if I will have problems proving it was his fault though. The guy in the Bentley left barely a moment before the officer got there stating he had to take his wife to the hospital. I was made to believe that he had received a call from her the moment before – his phone did receive a call from someone named Janine, as was displayed on the screen, so who knows. The officer said he couldn’t do a police report since it would only be “part of the story”. Okay, I didn’t expect that. Apparently it’s no longer a criteria for opening a claim with my insurance company.

Now it’s all up to the insurance companies, adjusters, and whomever else needs to be involved. We’ll see what happens. I hope it all works out – I really like my Yukon.

Mom – in response to your comment, you have nothing to worry about. We all love you very much too and only wish you could visit us more.

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